Monday, 20 April 2015

Unit 3

Hmm what do I think of storytelling?

My idea of storytelling relates back to when I was young. If I was going to put it into a sentence I’ll say storytelling is a series of words that captivates with person allowing them to picture the scenario in their mind. My earliest memories of storytelling believe go back to when me and my younger sister in our bunk beds. IL would ask her to give me a title of what the story of the day in school was and she would say one. Then she will run through the series of funny events that happened in school. This would happen every night, funny sounds like it should be the other way. As I got older I came to think how did so much funny events happy in the same school I went everyday….to my heart break she came clean and told me she made half of them up ha. But that’s the thing as I was saying because it captivated me and put my imagination into over drive. It made me realise a story don’t have to be true just has to hold your attention.The idea has come about digital storytelling. I wasn’t too sure on what digital story telling so I did some research into it. I found out that it is a short form of digital media. Allowing normal people to share views about their life and so. I will be going into more research in this unit about different aspects on digital story telling. 

After watching Kurt Vonnegut views on how typical stories happen I've decided to approach his method analysing the film Gladiator. I recently watch this film which is why I chose it as it is fresh in my memory and obviously is an awesome film

Link to prezi- Gladiator analysis kurt style (

Link to flikr photos- Varsity day (

The series that i had chosen for flikr represented a special day for me.One of my most honored times at De mont Fort university. Wearing that 1st team varsity shirt has to be my highlight of university. Running out to 6,000 people cheering #Outstanding.

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  1. Some great photos!. Hope to stop by your blog in the near future again to see what you are up to for #ds106.

    You may want to add the auto post to Twitter if you can so the #ds106 community knows when to stop by and see what you are up too.